CD Campion: Lute Songs

Rickards, Linell.

1. Come let us sound with melody, 2. Tune thy Musicke to thy hart, 3. Come you pretty false-ey'd wanton, 4. There is none, O none but you, 5. Sweet exclude mee not, 6. I care not for these Ladies, 7. Though you are yoong and I am olde, 8. Fire, fire, fire, fire! 9. What then is love but mourning? (Music: Philip Rosseter), 10. Shall I come, sweet love, to thee? 11. Beauty, since you so much desire, 12. What is it all that men possesse? 13. The Sypres curten of the night, 14. Jacke and Jone they think no ill, 15. It fell on a sommers daie, 16. When to her lute Corrina sings, 17. My sweetest Lesbia, 18. Her rosie cheekes, her ever smiling eyes, 19. Faire, if you expect admiring, 20. There is a Garden in her face, 21. Author of Light, 22. Never weather-beaten Saile, 23. Most sweet and pleasing are thy wayes, 24. To Musicke bent is my retyred minde, 25. Thou joy'st, fond boy, 26. Turne all thy thoughts to eyes, 27. Vaile, love mine eyes, 28. Miserere my Maker (Anon.).

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