6 Villancicos (Canciero de Palacio)

for 3 voices or instruments.

These six songs, like the four-part ones in no. 4 of this series, are taken from the Cancionero de Palacio, a large collection written between 1505 and 1520 that has survived in the library of the Palacio Real in Madrid. There are 458 pieces in total, mostly in three or four parts. Juan Encina (1468-1529) is most generously represented, with 62 pieces, but this is fully in line with his status as the leading Spanish composer of secular music of the time: among other things, he is known to have been active in composing for the theatre. Pensad ora en ál is one of several pieces in the source that are in quintuple meter, something that was otherwise quite rare in Renaissance music, especially of this unpretentious kind.
In the present edition, the original note values have been quartered, except for no. 5, in which they have been halved. Editorial accidentals are printed small above the stave, applying to the one note only Original accidentals are taken as applying to the whole bar. I am grateful to Jack Sage for editing and translating the texts of these songs.

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