Eccard, Johannes: 3 Christmas Hymns

for 5 voices or instruments.

Johannes Eccard was born in Mühlhausen (Thuringen) in 1553; he died in Berlin in 1611. He held a variety of posts, in Weimar, Munich (under the direction of Lassus), Augsburg, Königsberg, and finally in Berlin.
He is known today largely for his settings of Lutheran chorales, which can be simple or ornate. A virtue of pieces such as the three printed here (after his Geistliche Lieder auff den Choral of 1597) is that while simple enough to be used for congregational singing, they come with inner parts that provide just the right amount of contrapuntal interest.
The original note values havebeen retained in nos. 1 and 3, but quartered in the In dulci jubilo setting.

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