2 Early In Nomine Settings

for 4 instruments.
These two early In nomine settings are taken from MS d. 212-5 of the Bodleian Library in Oxford, which contains one of the largest collections of such pieces. Both settings are earlier in style than the majority of surviving In nomines; they are not far removed from the Taverner setting that apparently sparked the whole thing off (the “In nomine” section of his “Missa Gloria tibi trinitas”).
Thomas Preston, some of whose music appears in the Mulliner Book, probably died shortly after 1559; he was organist at Magdalen College in Oxford from 1543. The composer Poynt could be the Robert Poyntz who was born in Winchester around 1535, and emigrated to the Low Countries because of religious persecution (he was a Catholic); another In nomine setting, in five parts, has survived by him, together with some church music.
The original note values have been halved in both pieces. Editorial accidentals are printed small above the stave, applying to the one note only. For the sake of simplicity, the original accidentals, printed on the stave, are taken as applying to the whole bar.

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