2 Vilotte c. 1500 (O vaghe montanine, O dolce farf

(O vaghe montanine, O dolce farfarela) for 4 voices or instruments.

These two villotte are taken from Ms. It. Cl. IV, 1795-8 of the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice, which goes back to the very beginning of the sixteenth century. Most of the pieces in the collection are more or less normal frottole by people like Cara and Tromboncino, but there is a also an important group of vilotte, which have a texture in which the four parts are more nearly equal than in the frottole, and which use popular tunes. In O dolce farfarela the refrain quotes a popular song that occurs in other settings of the time; in O vaghe montanine the main melody would appear to be in the tenor part, though the others imitate it.
In this edition the original note values have been halved. Editorial accidentals appear in the usual way, that is printed small above the stave, applying to the one note only; the original accidentals are taken as applying to the whole bar. I am grateful to Peggy Forsyth for translating the texts of these songs.
These pieces come off best when performed on a balanced consort of voices and/or instruments, though it is at the same time important that the tenor part is clearly heard.

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